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10th Street

Yeaman and S Green

First Street Parking

First street parking spots in front of county court house. Visible is a Henderson Sheriff’s patrol vehicle and an assistant Fire Chief vehicle.

First Street Then and Now

First Street then and now.

41 North Strip

Other Posts including 41N: Cap n Cork 41N / Watson Lane Car Wash Pancake House Old Orchard Shopping Center 1950s 41N Howard Johnson’s Kentucky Terrace Motel GateWay Motor…

12th and Green

Powell and Letcher

First and Ingram

600 Block N Main

Visible in this postcard photo of the 600 block of N Main is 517 N Main and 525 N Main.

Riverfront and Water Street

327 Second Street

Second and Green Street intersection facing North. Standard Oil station, Conoco Station, and now the location of Corpus Christi Clinic.

1000 Block Sand Lane