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1964 Southside Lumber Fire

HENDERSON, Ky. – A trash fire fanned by high winds raged out of control for more than two hours Saturday, destroying a lumber company and causing heavy damage…

Weaverton Lumber Co

Located on Madison Street at Shelby, Weaverton Lumber Company was owned and operated by Thomas T. Gatlin. Google Maps Location

Snider Lumber

Located at 500 S Adams, Snider Lumber began operations in Henderson in 1922. The lumber yard burned after an arson.

Jack Bentley Lumber Co

24 N McKinley

230 N Alvasia Street

Saveway Lumber, Henderson Lumber, Henderson Water Utility, now available.

P. P. Johnson & Son

P. P. Johnson & Son was a successful lumber company run by Pirant P Johnson and his son, James B Johnson. The mill was located at the North…