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Harding Ave

Photo of Harding Ave facing West, taken from the front yard of 412 Harding. Visible is 1300 N Green.

Cobb’s Body Shop

Cobbs Body Shop located at 914 N Green.

Green Street

Various views of Green Street.

14th and Green

Intersection of 14th and Green Streets. Also the location in the post on the North Y.

Wolf’s Tavern 31 N Green Street

Wolf’s Tavern was built at this location in 1878 and has operated here for over 100 years. The building retains some Mesker components including the only surviving, elaborate…

St. Clement’s Mission

St. Clement’s Mission, organized 1887, was a parish school in which upwards of sixty pupils were taught the rudiments of common school education, housekeeping, sewing, etc., and the…

721 N Green

721 N Green was once the location of a car wash but is now Casey’s General Store.

Wood Car Center

This is Wood Used Cars at 901 N Green in about 1953. At one time, Ken Wood had used car lots at three of the four corners at…

713 N Green

The building at 713 N Green has been home to many different businesses including: Todd’s Cafe, Pine Room Cafe, Sandy’s Place, Culley’s Pub, and Darren’s Pub.

Miller’s Market

I’ve seen advertisements for Miller’s Market at 1300 N Green and 5th & Green.

702 N Green

702 N Green was the site of The Globe Window Co and the Home Appliance and Television Mart before they built and opened the current building as a…

Top Cat Service Stations

Top Cat Service Stations had 4 Henderson locations:330 N Green1139 N Green1335 S GreenSecond Street at Priest “By 1967 we were up and going, eventually having four locations…