Also known as “Perkins House” and “Terrace Hill”

Robust Queen Anne style brick dwelling highlighted
by irregular, asymmetrical massing, multiple hipped and gabled roofs, entrance bay in 3-story tower and rounded 2-story bay in front gabled wing; wraparound Eastlake style wooden front porch shelters double-door entrance with transom; hood molds at rectangular 1-over-1 windows; decoration includes exposed sawn rafter ends and bracketed ornamental bracing; stained glass, numerous brick string courses and panels of embossed terra cotta enliven the elevations. In 1883
Annie Terry Perkins and husband C. G. Perkins, former Union Army captain whose patrol boat was stationed in Henderson during the Civil War, purchased this property which was then occupied by Mrs. Perkins’ 1830s family homeplace; original house apparently burned winter of 1883-84. Perkins invested in steamboats and railroads and had strong business ties with Evansville, IN. House is very similar to the Jacob Eichel House in Evansville, which was built in 1884 by the Reid Brothers, who likely also built the Perkins House from a pattern book design. Property passed from the Perkins family in 1898 and has had many owners since.


National Register of Historic Places