Built in 1922 for Dr. Malcolm H. Yeaman, this residence was designed by architects Capelle & Troutman of Evansville. The lumber was provided by Wyatt Lumber Company, the brick by Kleymeyer & Klutey, and the general contractor was I. C. Richardson.

The house is situated on a corner lot, with a good elevation above the street, which affords a splendid view of the river.

The interior is designed on the English style, with walls of brick and hollow tile, and the second story half timbered with ornamental brick panels.. Common dark rough brick were used for the facing, with white mortar joists unpainted, and all exterior woodwork was finished, to give a weathered appearance. The roof is of slate and gatters and downspouts of copper, all of which was done by the Ohio Valley Roofing company.

The house contains a full size basement, in which are the garage, boiler and fuel rooms, laundry and store rooms. On the first floor, a large living room, entrance hall, dining room, breakfast room, pantry and kitchen, with a terrace at the front entrance and a large porch, opening from the living room.

The second floor has the stair hall through the center, with the owner’s room, dressing room, sleeping porch and bath on one side, and two guest rooms and both on the other side. The interior finish throughout is Ivory enamel, with nataral finish oak floors. The hand rail and treaks of the stairs are of the stained mahogany.

Walls and ceilings of the first floor are finished with flat oil paint and the upper rooms are papered. All windows on the lower floor are casements swinging out, and operated by Rixon hardware, from the inside. The bathrooms have tile floors and wainscots, and contain all modern fixtures such as built-in tubs, cabinets and other accessories.