“In 1917 Andrew Boyd Vaughn entered the insurance business by starting an agency known as A. B. Vaughn & Co. For a number of years the agency was located at 223 First Street in Henderson, Kentucky. A.B.’s son, Morris Beckham Vaughn joined him in the agency in 1933 after graduating from the University of Kentucky and then serving as a school principal in eastern Kentucky. In December 1948, while still in high school, Aileen Bradley joined the agency on a part-time basis. In 1950 Morris left his father’s agency and opened another office at 238 Second Street in Henderson. This agency was known as Morris B. Vaughn Insurance Agency. At that time, Aileen Bradley stayed with the original agency. When A. B. Vaughn died in the early 1950s, the two agencies were combined into one. Shortly thereafter, Morris built an addition to his father’s residence at 315 North Main Street, Henderson, and moved the agency there, where it remains today.”

Vaughn Insurance Agency History