The Henderson, KY Central Park “Rebecca” Fountain returned to its former location in Central Park after an extensive restoration by Robinson Iron in Alexander City, AL. The fountain was reinstalled just in time to serve as a backdrop for fall festivals and holiday pictures. Designed and fabricated 18 years ago, it is a replica of the original 1890 fountain that graced the historic park from 1892 to 1962.

The 26-foot structure is adorned with several decorative pieces that depict joyful babies, a boy riding a dolphin and the main and largest fixture, “Rebecca.” Alternative methods to prevent the same corrosion from chemicals in the fountain’s water supply will mean a new and longer life for the fountain as it will continue to grant grace and beauty once again to Central Park. Robinson Iron was honored to again be a part of saving a great American historic icon. Luke Robinson stated, “This particular combination of castings is the only one of its kind. It’s a huge part of Henderson’s history, and we’re glad to be part of recreating it.”


Robinson Iron