Opened in 1961 in the new Eastgate Shopping Center on Second Street.

HENDERSON – “America’s biggest indoor sport’ got a big boost in Henderson during the past year with construction of Echo Lanes, 24-lane bowling alley at Eastgate Shopping Center on Outer Second St.

The bowling plant, to ultimately cost nearly a half million dollars, is a project of V. D. and Drura Scott, of Scott Brothers Lumber Co. The building was designed by architect Dave Crawley of Hagel and Crawley, and Sam Wahl of Robards is general contractor.

The sprawling brick structure covers 2,000 square feet of floor space, and will cost $175,000, exclusive of any equipment. The lanes are being equipped with the most modern in Brunswick bowling alleys, pin setters and other fixtures, according to manager Ed Kincade.

The building is to be adaptable, so that the addition of up to 40 lanes will be easily possible. The building is located just east of the present shopping area along Maxwell Ave, and provides ample parking.

Tournament quality lanes are expected to draw players from a wide area, according to Kincade, who has been busy for the past several months forming leagues for the new alleys.

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