The Grapette plant in Henderson opened one year ago and in that year, hundreds of thousands of bottles of Grapette has been sold to Hendersonians and people living in the surrounding territory.
The fact of the matter is that two or three times that many bottles could have been sold, if this new firm had anticipated such a popular demand for this new soft drink. It is bottled under the name of “Grapette” and carries a wonderful flavor of natural grape.
John W. Lloyd, proprietor of the Grapette Bottling Company at Tenth and Adams Streets in Henderson, stated that he greatly appreciated the splendid response the public has given his new drink and that it would always have the same high quality ingredients at all times. He is a Veteran of World War Two and this is his first venture in business. He is very enthusiastic about his business and the future it holds for him. He gives the business his personal supervision at all times and can be found in his place of business most anytime working as hard as anyone.
The Grapette Plant on Tenth and Adams streets has over 2,000 feet of floor space. The plant is in a new building that was especially constructed to meet the needs of this particular business. The utmost in cleanliness is applied when Grapette is being bottled and only skilled men are employed to bottle this delicious beverage. Care is taken that just the right amount of each ingredient is used so that Grapette reaches you richly satisfying and delicious to the last drop. You will enjoy Grapette with your meals, with a sandwich in the middle of the afternoon, or just by itself. Grapette is real party fare too, you will delight your guests by serving an ice cold bottle with cookies or a hamburger or hot dog. Over ice cream, Grapette makes a wonderful sundae and mixed with milk and ice cream will give you a frosty, foamy milk shake. Try Grapette in one of the above ways the very next time you entertain your bridge club or have a few friends in after dinner.
Children will adore Grapette. Surprise your youngsters with a bottle the next time they come in from play, tired and hot. Grapette will delight your young guests at the children’s party that you might be planning. They will like its rich flavor, it’s lovely purple color and you will like to serve it because it is so easily prepared and so digestible. Grapette can be bought in the 24 bottle case, in a handy six bottle carton or by the bottle. Mr. Lloyd warns you to have plenty of extra bottles of Grapette on hand when you have guests in your home, whether they be old or young, because someone is sure to come back for that second bottle.
Ask for Grapette at your grocer’s today. Get it by the case so that you will always have plenty on hand. It’s fun to entertain when you can depend on Grapette to supply rich full invigerating enjoyment for your guests.

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