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Phillip Blanc (1841-1913)

Philippe Blanc was born 4 May 1841 in Switzerland. He moved to the United States with his wife Elisa Badoux Blanc and settled in Henderson, KY where he worked as a successful jeweler and resided at 134 S Water Street. Phillip died 12 Jan 1913.

Leon Felix Blanc (1868-1928) joined his father working as a jeweler. Leon married Augusta Palis (1875-1944) and had a daughter Katherine (1914-2001)

“Leon F. Blanc, of 134 South Water street, 60, one of the oldest Jewelers here, died this morning of illness following a paralytic stroke suffered eight days ago. Mr. Blanc’s store was founded by his father sixty-five years ago. Surviving are the widow and a daughter, Katherine Palis Blanc.” – Owensboro Messenger


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The Owensboro Messenger from Owensboro, Kentucky • Page 7 – June 26, 1928