Thus Far It Has Spelled Out Three Letters and is Making More.

HENDERSON, Ky., Sept. 8.— Superstitious folks are wondering what is going to happen down in this little village. All this has been caused by the discovery among some vines on the premises of Col. V. Hutchen, at the corner of First and Alves streets, of a spider’s web in which can be traced forms like the letters M. W. and Y. Only three cases like this have ever been known in Henderson. The spider making this web is extra large, has a body the color of gold; its legs are as black as elony, and across Its back runs a black streak. It will be watched with the deepest interest.

This spider was likely a Argiope Orb Weaver, or writing spider. Oro weavers are commonly found on porches and gardens in Kentucky, especially in late summer.

It was found on the premises of Virginius Hutchen at 703 First Street.


Evansville Journal September 8, 1910

UK department of entomology

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