Henderson Tire and Retreading, now Purcell Tires

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The Merger of Schmidt Service Center. Inc., and the Henderson Recapping Co. resulted in the formation of the Henderson Tire and Retreading, Inc.. operating at the former Schmidt location at 1029 N. Green St., in Henderson. Ky. Consolidation of the two firms has meant improved service to customers.
Two of America’s greatest names in tires: Generals and U. S. Royals are offered. The modern location has the newest equipment for tire repairing, mounting, vulcanizing. wheel alignment and wheel balancing. The firm offers the famous Kraft Retreads to the thousands of customers who find retreads save them substantial sums of money and give exceptional service. The firm through its research on tire maintenance and analysis of tire performance for fleet users as well as individuals, has acquired complete new tire and retread mileage data. The costs per tire, on various applications can be worked out. This enables the company to evaluate tire needs and to make available a preventative maintenance program designed to reduce tire costs to a minimum. Art Schmidt, veteran tire man and manager of the merged operation has this to say: “We think that we can now offer our many customers in this area the best buys in tires they can find anywhere. Now with summer driving at hand, we urge motorists to inspect their tires and if they need new tires or recaps to come and see us: we can save them money.” 1029 N. Green St. in Henderson is a convenient location for the firm’s patrons: it is easy to find, offers a huge parking lot and is equipped so that i the firm can get work out in a hurry.
Besides tires, the company sells television sets, radios, power mowers, gasoline and oils. General and U. S. Royal Tires for all uses are available: passenger cars. farm implements and trucks. Road Service is a feature of the business . . . and the firm is ready to go anywhere in the area to furnish good tire service. The company has both Evansville and Henderson phone services: HA 4-3756 and MA 6-2931. Just call them for the best in tire service. Visit them for the best in tire deals . . . Henderson Tire and Retreading Inc., 1029 N. Green, Henderson. Ky.