Constructed in 1873, currently the location of Homecrafters.

I’ve been connected with the Lyne Paint Company at 129 Main Street for 50 years. My father owned the business first, and since his death I have. There have been only two small changes in that time in connection with it. The original concern was a drug and paint business. About 40 years ago I dropped the drugs and continued with paint. Also, the original building has been replaced once, but the second building stands on the same location.” – Henry Lyne from Evansville Courier 20 July 1941

“The old man put it squarely on the line to his son–if the business was to go on, he’d have to put his shoulder to the wheel. “But Grandfather Lyne must have been a business optimist, for in 1873 he built a brand-new store building. It’s the same one we’re using now.” – Henry Lyne