Planters State Bank Est. May 18, 1883

The bank’s resemblance to a fortress was intended to emphasize security. Its atrium is one of the oldest west of the Allegheny Mountains.

This popular and reliable financial institution has now been in existence seven years, having been established in 1883. It was organized with a capital of $150,000 and has now a surplus of $27,000.
Montgomery Merritt is president and Davis Banks, Jr., cashier. If private worth, the possession of public esteem and unusual success and prominence in individual enterprise is a guarantee of success, this bank: certainly represents these qualifications in an eminent degree in the persons of its managers and custodians. Managed with such a proficient, conservative and prudent corps of officials, to whose probity and ability is added the advice of a board of directors, who are chosen from among the leading citizens, the present favorable condition of general finance and trade must insure to its benefit in a marked degree, and insure a growth and importance commensurate with this ability of management and liberal policy. The Planters’ State Bank, managed as it is with rare ability and judgment, has added by its corse materially to the business reputation of Henderson and her importance as a commercial center.

1897 Sanborn Maps


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