Barber Allen was born on 1 December 1835 to Easter Bailey in Henderson County, Kentucky.

Barber Allen’s sworn statement and Bible in 1907 states his master was Gabriel Green who married Mary J Dixon. Green died and Mary J married Alexander Bailey. When Mary and Alexander Bailey died, the slaves were divided up and Barber fell to Mrs. Sarah Ann Allen, daughter of Mary J Bailey. When Barber enlisted in the army in 1864, his then owner was Allen.

Barber was named Charles Barbour at birth, but due to his inability to write or spell, the enrolling army officer spelled it wrong. It is at this time he was listed as Barber Allen. Barber enlisted in the United States Army on 23 September 1864 in Owensboro, KY.

Barber married Lively Bacon in about 1860 while both were slaves.

Lively Allen statement

Barber served as a Private in Company I of the 118th US Colored Infantry. He served along side Daniel Davis, who was his tent mate during much of their service. They both enlisted at the same time and eventually returned home together after the war. Daniel Davis married Barber’s sister, Phillis Green.

They participated in the battle at Deep Bottom, VA and were part of the excavation of the Dutch Gap Canal. The 118th used shovels to dig a channel at Dutch Gap, VA. The 118th then traveled to White Ranch Texas after the surrender of Lee.

Barber was honorably discharged at White Ranch Texas on 6 February 1866. Barber then returned to Henderson, KY.

On 28 June 1886, Barber Allen purchased a lot of land from Morgan Swope for $987. This farm was located as described in the deed description:

“Beginning at a stake opposite the end of a ditch in J. H. Barrett’s line; thence S 31 52 W 54 poles and 18 links to an ash, corner to lot No 39, of Henderson & Co’s Grant and the Robert Alves line; thence S 62 3/4
E 91 poles to a stake corner to J. A. Konsler or the John Abel tract in Reichert’s and Schlesinger’s line; thence with the Konsler line N 3 3/4 W 44 poles and 10 links to a stake in the middle of the ditch in the Molohon (Now Hogie) Tine; thence with the middle of said ditch N 48 W 6 poles and 22 links N 57 W 83 poles and 10 links to the beginning containing 28 2/10 acres, more or less.”

Barbour’s wife Lively died on 6 June 1910.

On 13 November 1911, the rites of marriage were legally solemnized by Louis Posey, Pastor of Lick Creek Church, between Barber Allen and Julia Green in the presence of Celia Sugg and Lucy Posey.

Barber had known Jack Sugg, Julia’s first husband, since childhood. They were also in the same regiment, 118th USCT, during the civil war.

Barber Allen died on 29 December 1917 and was buried in Fernwood Cemetery Section 10 / Lot 987 / Grave 8.

Barber Allen Death Certificate

Barbour left his property to his wife Julia.

Barber Allen Will


Julia Allen

Julia belonged to the Lamberts and Browns during slavery. Before she married Jack Sugg, her first husband, she had one son, Henry, with Dave Randolph. Julia and Jack Sugg had 8 children:
Willie Sugg born ?
Jennie Sugg (Barrett) born 25 Dec 1873
Johnny Sugg born 16 Aug 1877
Barber Sugg born 8 Sept 1879
Bennie Sugg born 2 June 1883 (died before Jack)
Oscar Sugg born 9 Aug 1887
Clarence Sugg botn 20 Jan 1890
Cope “Mack” Sugg born 2 April 1891

After Jack Sugg died 25 March 1892, Julia married Jordon Green. Julia divorced Green and later married Barber Allen on 13 November 1911.


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