Albert G Cottingham (1841-1927) had a drug store at 134 N Main Street. On July 8, 1914, the store was damaged in a large fire. Cottingham sold the store to Gratsy in 1922.

HENDERSON, Ky., July 8. – Clinging to a narrow ledge overhanging the street, and with flame and smoke rolling about them, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Cottingham, prominent residents of the city, were rescued with ladders today. The fire originated in Mr. Cottingham’s drug store. Flames were pouring into the bedroom when Mrs. Cottingham awoke. Escape by the stairway was cut off. They rushed to the front window and the people in the street yelled to them not to jump. The store building was gutted by the fire.

HENDERSON, Ky, Sept. 14 – The Grasty drug store on Main street, has been sold to Kendrick Lockett. He will take charge the first of next week Grasty recently bought the drug store from A. G. Cottingham. Mr. Grasty owns a drug store on the corner of First and Elm street which he will continue to operate.


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