Herbert Sherman (H. S.) Hare was born 13 Sept 1887 in Henderson, KY.

Records indicate he was married first to Virgie Hare, and together they had a grocery at 1508 Washington Street.

By 1940, Herbert was married to Lillie Oakley Hare. Together they ran Hare’s Market, a grocery store, at 1302 Powell Street.

Freddie Hare in front of Hare’s Market at 1302 Powell Street

Herbert died on 19 June 1956. He is buried in Fairmont Cemetery lot 522-E 4.

1931 Sanborn Map – 1508 Washington Street
1956 Sanborn Map – 1302 Powell Street


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1931 and 1956 Sanborn Map

Henderson County Deed book 76, page 1