To visit Pargny’s was a treat beyond description. This was a confectionery shop located on Main Street from (circa) 1893 to 1924, with m Pargny as the Major-domo.

Everything sold was of the highest class and quality: the ice cream, sherbets and candies were made by the owners from the purest ingredients. A modern soda fountain served delectable concoctions not found elsewhere one known as the “76” is described as a sort of upside-down chocolate sundae.

Pargny’s was a familiar name to every citizen in Henderson: children could buy candy with their pennies, young people went to see and be seen, adults enjoyed the confections and felt safe to have their youngsters there.


The Annals and Scandals of Henderson County, Kentucky

A Pictorial History Of Henderson And Henderson County, Kentucky, Volumes I & II Published by Gleaner-Journal Publishing

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