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Green Street

Various views of Green Street.

Dixie Drive-In Theater

Dixie Drive-In Theater, located on U.S. 60 South across from Ammonia Plant. 1949 The first ad for the Dixie appeared in the Evansville, IN papers on 8/12/49, and…

Top Cat Service Stations

Top Cat Service Stations had 4 Henderson locations:330 N Green1139 N Green1335 S GreenSecond Street at Priest “By 1967 we were up and going, eventually having four locations…

Colonel Jim’s

Colonel Jim’s Restaurant was located at 1739 S Green street, owned and operated by Colonel James “Jim” Mortensen. Home of famous Colonel Jim’s spicy fried chicken, still available…

1207 S Green

1207 S Green opened as a Kentucky Fried Chicken. It has been many different businesses over the years.

529 S Green Street

529 S Green has been home to both Schmidt Service Center and Phillips 66. It is currently not occupied. Google Location

1128 S Green

The service station located at 1128 S Green Street has had many names including Cates DX Service Station, Delbert James DX Station, and Sand Lane Sunoco. Currently Willy’s…

Burger Queen

Henderson’s Burger Queen was located at 1309 S Green street. In a nationwide campaign, Burger Queen changed the name of their restaurants in June 1981 to Druthers in…

1200 Block S Green

Looking South you can see Dicks Suburban at Sand Lane. Looking North is village plaza, 1205 S Green and Mexican Village.

South Y

References: Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Division of Planning US 4IA/Green Street Scoping Study Final Report Item No. 2-140.00 Prepared by QK4 January 2010 Kentucky Ky Department of Highways Morganfield…

1964 Southside Lumber Fire

HENDERSON, Ky. – A trash fire fanned by high winds raged out of control for more than two hours Saturday, destroying a lumber company and causing heavy damage…

Mexican Village

Mexican Village was located at 1201 S. Green Street and was open in the 1970s to 1983.