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Second Street Overpass

Before the Second Street overpass, citizens had to deal with the problems of crossing the railroad tracks, which sometimes caused backups. In 1979, the Kentucky Bureau of Highways…

Eisenhower at Union Depot

A crowd gathers at Union Station Train Depot at the whistle stop by Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952, when he was running for president.

Union Station Train Depot

Description from NRHP: Built in 1901, the L. & N. depot served as a landmark for a great many departing servicemen who left for duty or returned home…

Henderson Train Bridge

The Henderson Train Bridge, costing over $3,000,000, opened on December 31, 1932. Including its approaches, it is 12,123 feet (3,695 m) long, and its span over the main…

Louisville & Nashville 1885 Rail Road Bridge

In 1872 an act of the Kentucky General Assembly incorporated the Henderson Bridge Company for the purpose of constructing the bridge, and in 1879 the L&N secured control…

L&N RR Freight Depot

Louisville and Nashville Rail Road Freight Depot. Located at Forth Street and N Adams. Now an empty lot. Google location

Train Crash 1929

HENDERSON, Ky., Feb. 1: Six men were killed in a head-on collision between a passenger train out of Evansville and a freight train on the Louisville, Henderson and…

Train Over Frozen Ohio 1936

A steam locomotive passes over the Henderson railroad bridge as Susan Ijames stands on the frozen Ohio River in 1936.