Built and opened in 1931. Building burned 2019.


“When Weaverton was built it consolidated seven one-room school houses and — at least for its first decade — also provided a high school. Those seven schools were known as Staples, Parkland, Three Mile, Spring Garden, Weaverton, Posey Chapel and Wilson Station.

Weaverton began operations with 11 teachers and 575 students. That breaks down into an average of 52 students per classroom. By 1950, however, the school had been enlarged from 11 to 16 classrooms and employed 16 teachers, with an average classroom size of 29 pupils.” – Frank Boyett


Gleaner – The history of Weaverton School By Frank Boyett 26 Oct 2019

Gleaner – Overnight fire destroys Weaverton Apartments By Douglas White 26 Oct 2019