In this 1959 photo, the North Y can be seen in the distance. Among the businesses and landmarks visible are, from left on the left side of the road, Mills Brothers Standard Oil station at 14th and Green (where Walker’s Tavern once stood; now the location of a car wash), Heron Avenue and Eagle Produce Market (with trucks parked by the side of the road). On the right side of the road is Joe’s Bar-B-Q (formerly the Kentucky Tavern).

2024 Google Street View

In this view looking east, U.S. 41 traffic can be seen taking the left fork to head north toward Evansville, while traffic on U.S. 60 waits its turn to continue west toward Henderson. In the distance you can see Barret Orchard trees.

The North Y is now the location of the US41 and US60 Cloverleaf.

1960 Plans for Highway:


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