In 1906, the livery business of brothers Horace Gilbert “Gillie” and James H. Rowland merged with Henderson Coffin and Embalming Company owned by Givens Rudy and became the Rudy-Rowland Undertaking and Livery Company under the ownership of H. G. “Gillie” Rowland, James H. Rowland, and Givens Rudy.

The original location was at the corner of First and Green Streets. It moved to Center and Adams streets in 1949.

In 1925, James Rowland became the sole owner of what then was known as Rudy-Rowland Mortuary Company, which he owned and operated until his death in 1960, at which time Henderson native Jane Galloway became the owner. Upon Ms. Galloway’s death in 1985, her sisters, Dora G. Carney and Hilda G. Posey, became the owners until their selling to another Hendersonian, Gary G. Schneider and family, in September 1988, thus becoming what is today know as Rudy-Rowland Funeral Home.


Rudy Rowland

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