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Henderson Manufacturing Co

Henderson Manufacturing Company was located at 315 First Street and was manufacturer of All Styles Auto Truck Bodies, Spring Wagons, Drays, Trucks, Carts. References: J. Fisher’s Find a…

First Street Parking

First street parking spots in front of county court house. Visible is a Henderson Sheriff’s patrol vehicle and an assistant Fire Chief vehicle.

First Street Then and Now

First Street then and now.

A. L. Eblen Livery

The A. L. Eblen Livery building at 110 First Street was a turn-of-the-century, one-story, three-bay, brick masonry commercial building with stone foundation and sloped roof. Side walls are…

Wax Works

Wax Works Records & Tapes located at 309 First Street.

First and Ingram

Arnold’s Barber Shop

Arnold’s Style and Barber Shop was located at the NE corner of First and Elm Streets.

Kittie Wilson

Observed this on the sidewalk outside of St. Vincent de Paul Society on N Alvasia Street. Curiosity of course led me on a search to find out who…

Davis & Browder Livery

Davis and Browder Livery, Feed and Sale Stable was located at 319 First Street. References: Find a grave – Charles K Browder Evansville Courier and Press February 9,…

Oscar Jackson Smith

Oscar Jackson Smith was born 8 Aug 1878 to Charles Smith and Miltilda Buck Smith in Henderson, KY. He was married to Mina Pearl Morehead Smith (1880 –…

First and Green

Photo taken during a parade at First and Green Streets. Visible is the original Rudy-Rowland Undertaking and Livery Company building.

Nunn and Kloke

William Nunn and Henry Kloke bicycle and automobile supply shop opened in 1920 at 331 First Street. They specialized in bicycles and repairing Ford Motel T automobiles. References:…