Henderson stands well to the front in the dry goods and general merchandise business, and claims with justice to posses many first class establishments in that line. Among the list stands in a prominent position the popular firm of S. & E. Oberdorfer. This house mas establisbed in 1878 at 133 Main street, and since its inception has done a remarkable business. They have adopted the sound business principle to sell only goods of merit, and give ali patrons the best possible value for their money, whether a spool of thread or an expensive silk dress. The building occupied by them is a handsome three-story edifice 22×104 feet in dimensions which is filled from end to end with a fine assortment of dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, hats, carpets, notions and general merchandise. The stock comprises a varied and attractive line of goods, and is kept supplied with frequent invoices of all the latest norelties and newest patterns. The tasteful manner in which the goods are displayed, the perfect neatness and systematic arrangement of everything in the establishment, is worthy of praise, and an additional incentive for purchasers to deal with them. They carry an average stock of $75,000. Eight assistants are employed, whose courteous treatment of all patrons of the establishment adds much to its popularity. Dealing in every quality of goods, the house prepared to offer advantages to buyers hard to duplicate in the city, and an assortment to select from unequaled. The individual members of the firm are Solomon and Edward Oberdorfer, who are natives of Bavaria. Possessed of no ordinary ability, as mell as a high sense of personal rectitude, their success is regarded as well deserved, entitling them fairly to occupy the prominent and enviable position they have gained in the esteem of commercial circles.

Solomon Oberdorfer left Bavaria for the U.S. when he was a boy and by 1870 lived in Henderson. A few years later, he opened a dry goods store with his brother Edward. Their younger brother Nathan later came to work in the store. By 1894, S. & E. Oberdorfer was a flourishing wholesale and retail dry goods operation.


Encyclopedia of Southern Jewish Communities – Henderson, Kentucky

Evansville Courier and Press September 19, 1890