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Country Bar

Country Bar was located at 235 First Street. The building later became High Ground Cafe and the Color Connection. The building was demolished 2020.

Doc Holliday’s Saloon

Doc Holliday’s Saloon was established in 1978 and located at 117 Second Street. This building is now part of Rookies.

101 Second Street

Plaza Bar (Puckett’s) owned and operated by Laz D. Puckett. Then Beardsleys, owned by Beth Vaughn and Robbie Parks. New night spot makes rosy future of dim past…

Bright Light Saloon and Restaurant

Bright Light Saloon and RestaurantC. E. MILLER, Prop.130-132 Second Street Miller’s Restaurant is a symbol sweet,Where you can get the best of things to eat.The finest coffee in…

Ward’s Motel & Bar

Ward’s Motel & Bar at 2019 US 41 N, owned and operated by John R Ward, and the empty lot next door where Burger Farm would be built…

Hopper’s Tavern

Hopper’s Tavern was located at 138 S Holloway Street. This location was previously Mike’s Tavern and later Spanky’s.

Wolf’s Tavern 31 N Green Street

Wolf’s Tavern was built at this location in 1878 and has operated here for over 100 years. The building retains some Mesker components including the only surviving, elaborate…

Crowder’s Saloon

Crowder’s Saloon at the corner of Fourth and Adams streets in 1905. Will Schoepflin, left, and Joe Ellis are tending bar. Will Schoepflin was father of Herbert Schoepflin,…

713 N Green

The building at 713 N Green has been home to many different businesses including: Todd’s Cafe, Pine Room Cafe, Sandy’s Place, Culley’s Pub, and Darren’s Pub.

737 Second Street

737 Second Street has been home to the Bright Spot, Petals & More, and now Henderson Brewing Co.

Country Inn Tavern

Country Inn Tavern, formerly Pearson’s Tavern, located at 1650 N Green. Closed in 1983. It became Silver Spurs Club for a brief time in 1984.

Switches Place

Aubrey “Switch” Richardson and his dog stand in front of his tavern, Switches Place, which stood on the west side of U.S. 41-North near the North Y, just…